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APV Batch Powder Mixers

APV Flex-Mix ™ mixers offer the performance, flexibility and reliability to meet the continuous changes in production in food industry plants.

These mixers do their work in batches. This work based on circulation through a compensation tank is ideal for the dispersion of highly soluble powders. The process starts by adding the powder to the mixer, through a butterfly valve. The valve controls the flow of powder and prevents air from entering the mixer.

Among the main advantages of the application of this equipment are its easy and safe maintenance. The shaft seals can be easily changed, saving time and money. They have a reliable design due to the robust construction. It is hygienic and compatible with CIP, which makes it adaptable to any food-producing plant. The shaft seals are identical to those used in W + / Ws +.

Its maintenance costs are much lower when other pumps or equipment of the same SPX FLOW brand are used. The brand fully complies with the exceptional sanitary standards with high traceability for food safety, through a design that provides user comfort and safety.