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APV Cavitator Mixing and Heating Technology

SPX FLOW offers the new innovative next generation technology called APV Cavitator. This proprietary technology offers innovative benefits for heating liquids without scale build-up and / or mixing liquids with other liquids, gases or solids at the microscopic level to improve product quality and functional performance.

The APV Cavitator mixes gases and liquids, liquids and liquids, and solids and liquids at the microscopic level. This increases the mass transfer rate and speeds up processing.

It is capable of removing scale and generating heat instantly within the processed product. The removal of scale during heating allows for uniform product processing, while minimizing surface fouling, wich is commonly associated with conventional heating equipment.

Here are seven good reasons to prefer the APV Cavitator for microscopic mixing:

Improved process efficiencies in terms of time, operating costs, and / or capital costs.

Higher product quality, yield and / or raw material savings

Long process run times related to scaling-free heating.

Elimination or reduction of process downtime due to maintenance requirements.

Smaller footprint than traditional technology.

Designed for easy disassembly and fully CIPable.

Makes high-quality emulsions with the desired particle size.