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Air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) and dosing/metering pumps are two different types of positive displacement pumps, but what they have in common is the use of diaphragms. The AODD pump is generally used for the transfer of higher volume liquids, the dosing/metering pump has its niche in the continuous in-phase metering of single or multiple liquid systems at varying flow rates. 

The growth in demand for mechanically coupled and hydraulically actuated diaphragm pump heads can largely be attributed to the development of materials suitable for diaphragms. For both pump types, it is essential that the diaphragm material is compatible with the fluid being pumped and that it is flexible at low temperatures and does not deteriorate at high temperatures and pressures. 

Correct diaphragm material selection is critical to ensure safe pump operation. The primary factors to consider when choosing diaphragm materials are chemical compatibility, temperature range, abrasion resistance, flex life, performance, sanitary standards, resistance to cleaning fluids, particle build-up on the diaphragm surface, suction lift, efficient performance, and cost. To help meet these diverse operational criteria, the number of effective diaphragm materials has grown.
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