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Universal Seal Gear Pump – Viking

Viking universal seal pumps maintain the tightness of the pump by facilitating the change or replacement of seals quickly and easily, with its innovative design. Offering industrial pumping solutions.

The pumps have an oversized box where different types of closure can be attached without having to modify it. They also incorporate a large diameter bearing box that facilitates the assembly and disassembly of the seals and the fast and precise positioning of the rotor shaft. Most seal maintenance operations can be done without removing the pump from the pipeline, reducing downtime and maximizing equipment productivity.

Gear Pump Applications:

Continuous work services and industrial pumping solutions.

Petrochemical industry, refineries, sugar factories, tire manufacturers, etc.

For fluid loading and unloading operations in terminals: Trucks, tanks, tanks, tank wagons, ships, etc.

Asphalt, Tar, Bitumen, Asphalt Emulsion, Fuel Oil 4/5/6, Resins, Rubber Solutions, Molasses, Soaps, Crude.

The pumped fluid cools the bushings (in non-jacketed pump models) preventing overheating in this area, effectively contributing to exceptionally extend the useful life of the equipment.

These continuous duty internal gear pumps are designed to handle both high and low v fluids.

Technical data

Maximum flow 363 m³ / h

Minimum viscosity 1 cSt

Maximum viscosity 440,000 cSt

Minimum temperature -85 ° Celsius

Maximum temperature 430 ° Celsius

Maximum discharge pressure 14 bar

Discharge height max. 140 m