Gear pump

Technology Seal Gear Pump – HL 32/432 Series
Viscosity 31 to 250,000 SSU  /  1 to 55,000 cST
Pressure to 250 PSI  / to 17 Bar
Temperature -60 to +450 °F  /  -51 to +230 °C
Capacity 0 to 450 GPM  /  0 to 102 m3/h



High efficiency over the full speed range, reliable and easy to maintain, shaft seal options

Smooth flow without pulsing.

The Viking brand universal seal gear pumps maintain their anchorage in the process, facilitating the change or replacement of the seal quickly and easily, with their innovative design. They have an oversized box where different types of seal are attached without modifying it. They also incorporate a large diameter bearing box that facilitates the assembly and disassembly of the seals and the fast and precise positioning of the rotor shaft.

Most seal maintenance operations can be done without removing the pump from the pipeline, reducing downtime and maximizing equipment productivity.

Oils, Lubricants, Greases, Resins, Adhesives, Pulps, Rubber Solutions, Asphalt, Molasses, Soaps, Polyols, Isocyanates, Vinyl Chloride in continuous duty applications.

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