Liquid Ring Vacuum

Designed for heavy duty applications
Low noise level

DEKKER and CAC Vacuum Pumps offer high efficiency one and two stages capable of reaching vacuum levels up to 29''HgV.

Breakthroughs in fluid dynamics enable high volumetric efficiency with 50% less fluid requirement for the ring seal.

The pump includes a variable discharge port that allows it to adjust to the internal compression ratio resulting in maximum efficiency throughout the vacuum range.

Advantages of the product

Designed for heavy duty applications
SS 316 Stainless Steel Standard Impeller
Robust free shaft
Roller bearings suitable for power transmission by pulleys
Manufactured under ISO 9001 Standards
Low noise level
Heavy duty bearings installed external to the housing
Standard single face mechanical seals
Virtually maintenance free
Capable of handling low amounts of entrained process liquid
A single moving part
Possibility of operating with different seal fluids
Capable of handling saturated gas mixtures

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