Rex Omega Type

Brand: Everlast
It does not require lubrication.
Protects against shock and vibration loads.
No disassembly required for inspection.

The Omega coupling is designed for applications where the distance between the axes of the connected equipment is small. Industrial Couplings
The exclusive design of flexible bi-part polyurethane element and the use of radial bolts as a result reduces maintenance service.
Rex Omega is the only flexible element divided in half and with reversible masses that allow to significantly reduce total costs by reducing inventory and assembly time.
Characteristics / Industrial Couplings
Ease of replacement
Excellent chemical resistance
Does not need lubrication
Absorbs misalignments
Protects equipment by damping shock loads and torsional vibrations
Pumps / compressors
Blowers / mixers
other driving applications.

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