Sanitary homogenizers

Technology Single and double seated ball valves
Features Available with poppet or ball valves
Pressure up to 600 bar / 8700 psi
Design Hygienic and aseptic design
Capacity 1,320 to 21,000 G/H



Pump Valve Seats in Stellite

Spring loaded stacked V-ring plunger packings

Easy maintenance design

Pump valve seats can be repaired or replaced

pump valves are easily repaired or replaced

plunger packings are easily replaced


The Gaulin homogenizer is a versatile compact design, specifically developed for R&D centers in the dairy, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biotechnology industries. Gaulin homogenizer


This allows us a choice of materials such as the cylinder block, pump valves, homogenization valves, gaskets, among others, and as far as the pulsation damper has inlet and outlet.



Start / stop buttons

Potentiometer-controlled electric valves for hydraulic actuators

Plunger lubrication control package including flow switch and solenoid valve

Inlet pressure gauge with low pressure switch

Aseptic cylinder design

High pressure outlet connections

Micro-Gap homogenizing valve for increased efficiency

Fans for very hot environments

Ceramic pistons


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