Votator® scraped surface heat extrangers

Technology Scraped Surface heat exchangers
Viscosity 7½ to 20 HP (5.6 to 15 Kw)
Heat transfer 11.0 ft 2 (1.0 m2)
Flow 2½”, 4″, 4½” and 5¼” (63, 102, 114, and 133 mm)
Shaft spline Tough 2” (50 mm)


Votator’s high efficiency and productivity results from a simple concept, heat or cool continuously moving product by providing a large heat transfer surface for a small amount of product in a confined space.


Can be mounted vertically or horizontally

Sanitary appearance

Minimum overall length

USDA, CFIA, 3A and ASME design standard; CE-PED optional

Tough 2” (50 mm) shaft spline

Steam/water or gravity/pumped liquid refrigerant jacket configurations

Concentric or eccentric shaft mounting

Stainless steel exterior and stainless steel painted drive

Open stainless steel mounting frame

Boltless V-Lock heads for quick disassembly

Splined mutator shaft removes in minutes

Unique boltless blade mounting pins

Gear motor drive - no couplings, belts or sheaves

Heat transfer tube separate from media jacket. It has a reliable double

O-Ring seal on each end and can be removed from the jacket in minutes without disturbing the media piping.



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