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Gear pumps for fuels in aquaculture projects

Choosing a suitable gear pump requires knowing the desired fluid, suction lift, flow, and pressure. It is also important to consider other aspects such as the type of salt or fresh water, its temperature and other materials that can come in it such as small animals, branches, garbage, etc, to offer excellent pumping solutions.

Another important aspect is the piping system because together with the pump they interact and generate the flow and pressure. In the pumping system the type of pumps and piping system must be considered.

The pumps used in aquaculture are equipment that generates a large expenditure of energy, therefore it must be decided for those that are efficient in the use of energy because these have an impact on costs. Therefore, in an aquaculture production it is important to have adequate advice in the assembly of a pumping station, such as choosing the type of energy to use.

To seek automate in a less polluting way, these productive systems are been aplied in pumping solutions. Such is the case of shrimp farms that aim to replace the combustion of 87 million gallons of diesel annually, which generate tons of CO2. Their replacement could reduce the intensity of noise by pumping systems by 50%. In addition to increasing shrimp production by 30%.

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