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Types of heat exchangers in industries

At Inducom you can find a wide variety of heat exchangers adaptable to a large number of applications in all industries (plate heat exchangers, air heat exchangers, multitubular heat exchangers, tubular heat exchangers, water condensers, heat exchangers steam, evaporators, coolers …).

Different types of heat exchangers in industry:

Plate heat exchangers

Tubular Water Heat Exchangers

Air heat exchangers

PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER: Plate heat exchangers consist of compact equipment whose operation is done through plates, providing greater thermal efficiency of industrial products.

TUBULAR WATER HEAT EXCHANGERS: The multitubular heat exchanger is made of stainless steel or titanium for industrial use. The mechanism of the exchanger is the heating or cooling of all the liquid or gaseous fluids through the internal pipes of the installation. (coaxial, double tube).

AIR HEAT EXCHANGERS: Air heat exchangers consist of a set of tubes placed in an air stream (fan). The tubes are often finned to help increase heat transfer. These heat exchangers can be: air condensers, evaporators or coolers.