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Gear pump performance

Gear pumps of Viking pumps, are mainly used for pumping lubrication oil and almost always have a strong vibration component at the gear frequency. This is the number of teeth on the gear times RPM. This component will strongly depend on the outlet pressure of the pump.

The gear pumps are robust fixed flow pumps, with operating pressures up to 250 bar (3600psi) and speeds up to 6000 rpm. With flow rates up to 250 cc / rev they combine high reliability and special sealing technology with high efficiency.

Viking Pumps gear pumps are highly efficient over the full speed range. They provide flow rate largely independent of pressure changes. Long bearing and seal life. Provides easy flow rate control with a variable speed drive with dispensing capabilities.

At Inducom we are representatives of Viking Pumps. We offer different models of positive displacement pump with internal rotating gears for handling highly viscous fluids.

These types of Viking pumps accept a wide range of viscosities from 28 to 2,000,000 ssu (1 to 440,000 cst). Allows priming if pump is above liquid level. Some types accept suction heights up to 20 feet (6 m). They allow reversible flow direction.

Common applications for internal gear pumps include all varieties of refined fuels and lubricants. As well as resins and polymers, alcohols and solvents, asphalt, bitumen and pitch. We add to this list polyurethane foam, food products, such as corn syrup, chocolate, and peanut butter. Paint, inks and pigments, soaps and surfactants.