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High pressure pneumatic pumps for handling viscous and abrasive materials

Pneumatic Yamada pumps, obtain energy through compressed air. This is its main advantage. These pneumatic pumps use air, which is relatively clean, easy to maintain, versatile in selecting materials for different fluids, and inexpensive.

Metallic pneumatic Yamada pumps, are ideal for materials such as yeast waste, sumps, and general wastewater. For their part, plastic pumps are perfect for cleaning and treating CIP chemicals, chemicals for the treatment of wastewater and wastewater in general.

Its application in general is very varied, it adapts to different types of viscous and non-viscous fluids, aggressive or abrasive chemicals. Here we tell you which are the most relevant.

In the handling of aggressive and corrosive chemicals such as citric, hydrochloric and acetic acid. As well as in the pumping of abrasive products such as slip and whitewash. For their part, they are applied in the pumping of high viscosity products such as syrups, oils, molasses. Also in the pumping of fluids with suspended or dissolved solids such as sludge and wastewater.

Its operation begins when air enters the pneumatic body and causes a valve to alternate a horizontal movement. This valve selects the passage of air through the pneumatic body to be directed to the pumping area where the diaphragms are located. The air alternately enters and leaves the diaphragm chamber generating the positive and negative pressure fields that produce the pumping of the liquid.