Diaphragm Pumps

Technology Pneumatic Industrial Pumps – FDA Series
Viscosity 11 LPM to (3.1 GPM) / 814 LPM (215 GPM) Solids <10 mm (13/32″)
Pressure 1.4 a 7 Kgf/cm2 (20 a 100 PSI)
Temperature 100º C  to 121º C / 212º F  to 248º F
Capacity 1 to 215 GPM (3.8 to 810 LPM)




Self-priming air valve, non-mechanical seals, handling thick liquids.


The FDA series was specifically designed for Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic manufacturers, for processes where compliance with 3A or USDA sanitary standards is not required. The pumps include construction of their wetted parts in 316 Stainless Steel with satin and passivated finish, central body in Polypropylene or with PTFE coating, sanitary Clamp connections and elastomers in accordance with current FDA criteria.

Yamada FDA pumps are sanitary pumps that are used in the industry of:




These Yamada pumps have 316 stainless steel wetted components, Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE or better known as Teflon) coated air motor, sanitary clamp fittings. And are also capable of handling thick liquids.


Lubricant-free, self-priming air valve.

Excellent for liquids sensitive to cutting.

Intrinsically safe and portable

Non-mechanical seals

Ability to run dry without damaging the pump.

Yamada FDA compliant Sanitary Pumps are used to pump ingredients into the process before the final product is created. An example that we could relate to the FDA pump is that ketchup could be drawn from a 55-gallon drum and added as an ingredient in manufacturing.

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